Three On Trend Ways to Save on Lee Industries

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We’re in LOVE with Lee Industries versatile style and highly customizable fabric and leather upholstered pieces.  But with so many stylish choices, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start saving.  Saving?! Yep, that’s right: we’re marking down all pieces from LEE Industries 20% February 1 – 15.

What will you do with your Lee Industries discount? Take inspiration from our friends at ReSTYLE Source and consider one of the following three on trend ways to save on Lee Industries…

Contemporary Safari Style


We love this contemporary safari style shown here in this living space by LEE Industries. Kept fresh through the use of sleek upholstery options, the modern furnishings mixed with tribal style accessories is a brilliant marriage. As any space is a good balance of old and new, high and low, and the antique Turkish rug paired with the buttery soft leather and chrome chair is a combination that we are definitely in support of! Throw in a few tribal vases, throw pillows, and artwork, and this room is one for the books.

Recreate a contemporary safari space of your own by sticking with sleek upholstery options to keep the space fresh and new, and mix in an assortment of tribal and antique accessories and furnishings.  Visit our showroom and we’ll help you choose the perfect leather and fabric upholstery and accessories – including one of a kind antique rug pillows – to make YOUR safari style space shine.

Lucite Love


In keeping up with the latest home design and decor trends, we decided that one thing (in addition to the trend itself) was clear: lucite is in, and it’s here to stay! It’s always funny how trends roll back around and somehow become fresh and new all over again, but we think that a touch of lucite here and there will always be in vogue. Perfect for people looking to minimize the effect of their furniture in a smaller space, lucite has a way of minimizing the visual space taken up so the room seems to breathe a bit better. People most often attribute this magic material’s lasting popularity to the fact that it can be so versatile, as well as space saving; add a touch of glam with a lucite coffee table or lamp, or simply give some old nightstands a facelift with some new lucite knobs. This lasting trend is one that is easy to incorporate into your home no matter what your style. Make it a statement with a large scale lucite piece, or keep it simple with some simple clear accessories like trays and bookends. Whatever you choose to do, we know one thing for certain: 2015 is a year of lucite love!



2015 Color of the Year: Marsala


2015 means not only a new year, but new resolutions, new trends, and of course – a new 2015 color of the year. Releasing it’s ever-so anticipated decision of what color would determine the future fashion and design choices for the upcoming year, Pantone’s Marsala is one that doesn’t disappoint. Earthy, rich, and subtle, Marsala is a sophisticated and sultry color that pops dramatically when paired with neutrals such as warm taupes and greys. It is also highly compatible with warm tones of amber, umber and golden yellows, various shades of turquoise, and vibrant blues because of it’s burnished undertones. We think that the shade is dramatic and hearty, and lends itself well to various textures and finishes, such as matte, gloss, or metallic.

Shown above from LEE Industries: 1. Extra Long Sofa, 2. Ottoman, 3. Leather Ottoman, 4. Leather Armchair, 5. Slipcovered Chair, 6. Arch Headboard




How will you use your 20% Lee Industries discount? Drop by the James Craig Furnishings showroom at 4500 Washington Ave from February 1 – 15 to place your order.